Hi! My name is Monika Langerová. I was born in 1997, in Prague, Czech Republic. I currently live in Poznan, Poland where I’m studying English Language & Literature and English Studies: Literature & Culture at Adam Mickiewicz University. I’m interested in traveling, photography, history, and a little bit in fashion. Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m 173 cm tall.
  • I love to laugh.
  • I’m a very positive person.
  • I’m energetic.
  • I’m ambitious and there is no thing I wouldn’t try.
  • My favourite seasons are summer and autumn.
  • My favourite colours are pink, purple, and recently also grey.
  • I like reading books.
  • I listen to all kinds of music, literally.
  • I adore watching movies and TV shows.
  • I’m a tea lover (I rarely drink coffee).
  • I really appreciate art and architecture.

Read my posts and learn even more! 😉


My equipment:

  • iPhone 7 Plus