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I’ve decided to use Huji App for the couple of days and see how instant camera like app works on a daily basis. The app isn’t new and I played with it occasionally last year. However, this time I wanted to shot with it a bit more. I’ve taken about 180 photos and the results are visible above. In the upcoming posts I specifically indicated that Huji App was used to develop featured photos. On first glance, you can tell that the pictures are different and somehow unique. Colours are much more intense and the contrast is higher. Well, see for yourself how my photos turned out 😉

Do you like using apps such as Huji?


Hello December! I’m super excited for everything that’s coming this month. There’s a Christmas tree in my room and I’ve already wrapped one gift yay 😀 What’s more, I’m listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify on repeat (some may say that it’s a litlle bit too early but who cares). At the moement, Anthony Hamilton’s song titled “It’s Christmas” is my favourite one. You can listen to it below, enjoy 🙂